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on this, most auspicious of shakespeare days let me tell you all that it doesn’t matter how you came to be a bard fan! it doesn’t matter if you grew up hearing the original text as bedtime stories or bought a ticket for romeo + juliet because you’re a dicaprio fan. it doesn’t matter if you read the original folio editions or listen to the plays on tape because you find the language hard to process. it doesn’t matter if you’ve never read or seen a shakespeare play and only know the stories from adaptations like west side story and kiss me kate! shakespeare is for everybody, and it’s easy for academics to forget that the plays weren’t written for us: they were written for public consumption, in any way the public may wish to consume.


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Oh yeah, that was the biggest joke of all. I think that there is a general pattern of “white-ifying” everything. Just because they make Heimdall black in the Thor movies doesn’t really make a counterargument. In fact, the amount of what they call “racebending” that goes on in Hollywood is extraordinary. I mean, I have sat down with agents who will tell me straight up, “Listen, you write about Dominicans in New Jersey. We can make an indie film about this, but nobody in Hollywood wants to see anything but white leads.” And so when I heard that they wanted to cast all white characters in Akira, it just really shows you how little the dream factory of our popular culture has caught up with the diverse reality of our present. I mean, the nation in which we live — and the world in which we live — is so extraordinarily more like a future than the futures that we’re being sold on the screen and on television.


 Junot Díaz

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Agent Phillip Coulson?
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Zac Posen 2014 Resort Collection

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Arrow Meme - 4 Friendships (2/4)
    ↳ Felicity and Sara

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Four years ago when I posted an image from Batgirl and launched this blog, I really did believe there was a way to expand the reach of comics and bring in more readers who want to read about female characters and work by female creators. And from the very beginning my theory was that traditional comics media was a echo chamber that were mostly not very friendly places for female readers.

So from the very start of this blog I suggest that comics grow by looking outside the traditional ways to gain new female readers. I wrote about it.  And wrote about it. And wrote about it.

But nothing changed. 

But now … perhaps it will.

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Hawkeye | “Aww…”

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