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Finally, this is a series about us [women]. -Kate Mulgrew
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You deserve someone better. Someone who can harness that light that’s still inside of you." - Sara Lance

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book 3 picspam Step away from the gold ladies and you won’t get hurt.”

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Artist: suckmycockles
Track: How to correctly pronounce Ra's Al Ghul: a guide by an actual Arab.
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Because most DC fans say his name wrong and/or have no idea how to actually say it, I decided to record this little thing here.

i TOLD you thatalexreyes

I’m glad this post keeps making rounds because everyone needs to know just how full of shit DC is

I told my dad about this and he laughed so hard and now every time I say Raysh he laughs his ass off and goes 'IGNORANT BOOBS' and I feel like that accurately represents DC Comics.

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Marvel Adventures: The Avengers #20

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Miss America

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Bellamy Blake + freckles for apolloadama

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rule #1: do not be his little secret.

yes, i know you’ve missed him. yes, i know this is complicated.
but you are not an apology. you are not a quick decision.

let them pass judgement, let them know.

you are the spotlight. you are the stage.
you are brilliant, beautiful, spit fire. you have magic in your fingertips.
do not be hidden.
let him shout your name from rooftops as often as he moans it against your skin.

you are dusk and dawn, sunrise and sunset. he does not control the skies.

-- on having loved, by Victoria W. (via neurologies)